CloudCamp @ CodeCamp, Silicon Valley 2009-10-04

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From the one-minute summaries at the wrap-up.


Maintaining a Cloud

  • capacity-planning
    • solved problem in industrial settings
  • virtual capacity planning

SQL Azure

  • what's in & what's not
  • 1G & 10G

Intro to Cloud Computing

  • evolving to solve business problems
  • operational efficiency
  • platform as a service (from developer perspective)
  • infrastructure as a service (from IT perspective)
  • software as a service (from business perspective)

Security and Privacy

  • policy management between enterprise and cloud
  • identity
  • authentication
  • provisioning
  • cloud exposes fundamentals of security policy - if you were broken before, it'll be even more obvious on the cloud

Writing Cloud-native Applications

  • learn what services are already on the cloud
  • write to those
  • memcached is a super temp fix for database overload problems

Benchmarking in the Cloud

  • interest in build an open-source, community-based yardstick for cloud computing resources
  • need benchmarking in the cloud
  • need a lot of sampling to accomodate time and service based variability
  • needs to be community-based so there isn't vendor bias

Business Case of Cloud Computing

  • if your apps are quick, easy and cheap, good for cloud
  • apps that need to be elastics are good for the cloud
  • SLAs are still not well-developed, but should develop as market develops


  • needs to become standard operating procedure
  • be balanced all the time, part in, part out
  • do a little now to be ready for scaling or disaster recovery when you need it
  • multiple internal clouds, share resources between
  • best practices become more imporant - bad practices are worse in the cloud

Adapt Enterprise Services to Cloud

  • offer as a service, but a different service so as not to disrupt existing users


(missed this summary)

Analytics and Large Data

  • made distinction between HPC (high-performance computing) and cloud computing
  • cloud computing needs to work for regular programmers
  • need to make parallel computing look like regular computing (many CPUs like one)
  • need to

Startups and Cloud Computing

  • have appropriate product or service to run on cloud
  • failing fast good for a startup
  • if app sucks on-premise, it will suck more on the cloud
  • choice of cloud vendor very important, influences your design
    • infrastructure services less risky than platform services, because you can move more easily
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