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CR2032 batteries are the 20mm x 3.2mm coin cells used for BIOS backups in computer motherboards and for Tamagotchi Connection / Tamagotchi Plus.

Peter Kaminski: Since we have two Tamagotchi Connection units in the family, we've started buying the batteries in small bulk orders. After reviewing the web, I ended up with three candidate vendors:

Here are some notes about orders:

2004-08-27, bestbatteryclub:

1 x ten-pack Maxell @ $4.99. Smooth shopping, SSL. Delivery was prompt. Batteries were on one card with individual perforated blister packs. Notations on care: "MADE IN JAPAN", "EXP. DATE: 12-2009", "1. Wipe the battery with dry cloth and set properly confirming ends (+, -) / 2. Use finger sacks of non metallic tweezers / 3. Keep the battery in a dark, cool and dry place / 4. Do not throw the battery into fire, not recharge" and similar notice in French and German. Batteries seemed to last a little less long then the ones Bandai packed with them, but didn't do any rigorous testing. Gave a couple away, so we need to order again:

2004-10-10, batterybob:

2 x five-pack Maxell @ $4.90. Tempted into ordering by photo/promise of "NEW Hologram Packaging proves these are not counterfeits flooding the USA on internet sites. batteryBob is proud to be one of the first in the USA to offer these HOLOGRAM Genuine Maxell CR2032." Smooth shopping, SSL.

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