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Electric ELF's Debian Net Inst ISO

Russ Nelson's suggestion for Hacking the DMCA, judo-style

Lojban wiki

Basic English


The Art of Hosting Good Conversations Online, Howard Rheingold

Dan Dugmore, dobro, etc.

"Email Greetings of Various Languages",4161,299043,00.html

Simple Science Wiki

La Bottine Souriante, a Québécois "world music" group

Mark's Picks for the Best Animal Product Substitutes

The Origins of Agriculture - Comparative Archaeology Web

Open source Java Internet Utilities, Radim Kolar

Through-The-Web WYSIWYG Editor Widgets

Independence Day Manifesto, Allen Ginsberg

Mind Tools, Hardesty-Ingraham

Brain Storm

Robust Hyperlinks and Locations


Dave's Quick Search Taskbar Toolbar Deskbar

Translator's Home Companion, various natural language resources

Oops! proxy server - robust, but lighter-weight than Squid

Privoxy - a web privacy proxy, descended from Internet Junkbuster

Pd: real-time music and multimedia environment

The Pd User Community

A Study Guide to Ayn Rand's Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology

First Monday

Game Development Search Engine: Multi-Player

George: A Family Documentary

Zoë mail client

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