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Welcome to KaminskiWiki! This is where I keep track of stuff on the 'net. Send me email with comments, or if you'd like to edit pages, ask me to create an account for you. You can read a little more about this wiki at the Community Portal. Enjoy! --Peter Kaminski




Using Computers and the Web

System Administration & Software Development

  • MySQL Tips - things to remember about MySQL
  • Symfony Tips - things to remember about Symfony, a great web development framework
  • VirtualBox Tips - things to remember about VirtualBox, a great computer virtualizer
  • WordPress Tips - things to remember about WordPress, a great blogging/CMS platform
  • Subversion Tips -- things to remember about Subversion, a revision control system. Yes, I know git rocks.
  • PHP Tips -- things to remember about PHP, a populist programming language

Works in Progress

Event Notes

Web Directory

  • Links - all on one page for now

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Reference: Wikipedia


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