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America’s Squandered Moral Authority

In History lesson: GOP must stop Bush, Carl Bernstein writes,
Today, the United States is confronted by another ill-considered war, conceived in ideological zeal and pursued with contempt for truth, disregard of history and an arrogant assertion of American power that has stunned and alienated much of the world, including traditional allies. At a juncture in [...]

A Vacuum of Responsible Leadership

The real horror of Abu Ghraib, beyond the abuse that the prisoners suffered, beyond the utter objectification of the victims, is that the United States — yes, you and me — fostered an environment in which those things could occur and flourish — regardless of whether it did so with outright intent, or by haphazard [...]

A Fish Smells From The Head

A damning observation, and a pretty good encapsulation of the outcome of “arrant indifference” to the spirit of democracy at the top:
“The crimes in Abu Ghraib and elsewhere are not comparable to My Lai in Vietnam or other atrocities committed in the heat of battle by terrified GIs and inadequate officers. They were born of [...]

“Dick Clarke Is Telling the Truth”

Fred Kaplan articulates well what I’ve been feeling: Clarke’s story gibes with others’, and the Administration’s response has been schizophrenic, deceptive and tries to undermine Clarke’s credibility, without addressing the substance of his charges.
Bush continues to underwhelm. What he said: “Had I known that the enemy was going to use airplanes to strike America, [...]

We Would Have Acted

There are plenty of people who could have done things differently with 20/20 hindsight, but President George W. Bush’s statement today seems particularly lame. To paraphrase:
Q: Is it true that you understated the threat of al Qaeda before September 11th, then rushed to blame Iraq afterwards?
A: We did not act on terrorist threats, because [...]