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Silence is Acceptance

Over on Flickr, nic221 has a bunch of good snapshots of the March 20th anti-war protest in Boston and its slogans and visuals.

Windmills and Airports

John Perry Barlow, John Gilmore et al. are squaring off against the TSA: Is the job of the Transportation Security Administration to secure us from terrorists? Or is it to disassemble anything and everything in your luggage to find 5 grams of marijuana hidden in the bottom of a bottle of ibuprofen?

Arlington West, Santa Monica

Liz Lawley posted snapshots of Arlington West at the
Santa Monica beach:
“When Simon and I got to the beach next to the Santa Monica Pier, we
found this temporary Iraq War Memorial, which is put up every Sunday by
volunteers. They post the photos and names of every US soldier killed in
Iraq, and encourage people to write one [...]

Beautiful Day

Saturday was windy but gorgeous in San Francisco.
I’ve posted some pictures I took around the Golden Gate Bridge to Flickr: Golden Gate Bridge 2004-09-18.

The Case Against George W. Bush

Ron Reagan presents "The Case Against George W. Bush" in the September issue of Esquire magazine.
Reagan doesn’t really add anything we haven’t heard already, but he presents his case well: the Bush team makes big lies and small lies, even when they don’t have to. Why trust them, if they don’t trust us?

Get Yer War On

Why war? Why now?
That’s easy. The United States had accumulated a nice store of the
dry kindling of business desire and citizen apathy, which was ignited
by the 9/11 terrorists.
And because We Won.
We won the War of Independence. The War of 1812. The Civil War. The
Spanish-American War. The Great War. [...]

Don’t Tread On Me

Here’s a striking photo from Summer Pulse ‘04, the global deployment demonstration that the US Navy can field a bunch of carrier forces all around the world simultaneously, in concert with other allied nations’ forces:

Click small image to display large image in new window. Photo caption: “USS Enterprise (CVN 65), left, and USS Harry [...]

What’s The Matter With Kansas?

NAACP Chairman Julian Bond says, “We have a president who talks like a populist and governs for the privileged,” and proceeds to present his charges a little more forcefully:
NAACP Chairman Compares Republicans to Terrorists
Thomas Frank offers a similar thesis, with more subtlety, in his new book, "What’s The Matter With Kansas? How Conservatives Won [...]

Common Humanity

I like what Bill Clinton says to Jim Lehrer about place of the US in the world. Excerpt:
My view is there will be problems and bad people as long as the earth exists, and since we’re moving into a completely interdependent global environment, we’re better off building a world we’d like to live in [...]

No Torture In My Name

I am ashamed of the political and military leadership of the United States of America, who have betrayed the principles of this great nation:

by contemplating the legal application of torture in order to better obtain military intelligence;

by creating an environment in which prisoners were so tortured;

doubly, when they refuse to assume responsibility for doing so.

A [...]