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Quick Screenshots

Especially of part of the screen, for quick uploading.  Not comprehensive, just the top tools.
Mac OS X:


Linux (Ubuntu/Gnome):

GIMP – File > Create > Screenshot (or File > Acquire > Screenshot)
import (ImageMagick)



More lists:

How to Take a Screenshot in Linux (Ubuntu)
How to choose the right screenshot program
Taking a Screenshot
OSX Screenshot Showdown – Jing vs Skitch

Mac Image Viewing Software

I’ve got a new 12″ iBook G4. But that’s another story…
I went looking for a lightweight Mac image viewer (like SuperJPG on Windows), and found a couple to check out:
* CocoViewX, freeware
* FFView, freeware
* PhotoReviewer, $10
* ViewIt, $19.99
Special thanks to the Magyar Macintosh Wiki.

Graphics Programs

Various graphics programs to check out sometime. Not comprehensive, just some of the ones I hadn’t heard of yet.
GIMPshop, a re-skin of the Gimp to make the interface more Photoshop-like.
MojoWorld, a procedural fractal terrain/planet generator.
Natural Scene Designer, another terrain generator.
SketchUp, for easy “sketch-based” 3D architectural or mechanical designs.
Wizaerd’s Canvas Discussion Forum, for users of [...]

Get a cluepacket!

following up on a mailing list…
Imagine a desktop message bus or message cloud to which all your desktop applications posted details about what was going on inside themselves.
Your email client tells the cloud, “Hey, he’s reading a message from Andrius Kulikauskas, and it’s about things like Linkido and Lucid.” Your web browser says, “Looks [...]

Software Development

It’s interesting stuff!
Exhibit 1: a current thread on MeFi about in-the-trenches wisdom around software development methodology/process (via co-worker Chris Dent).
Exhibit 2: Orson Scott Card’s classic essay, How Software Companies Die, from 1995.
Basically, like any other human activity, it boils down to communication and respect. Hard stuff, but like the Beatles said, love is all [...]