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Making More Money When Your Customers Have Less

With his social investor hat on, my friend Kevin Jones posts his astute investment thesis for today’s economic realities, in his Stanford Social Innovation Review blog post When More Mission Equals More Money:
So here are the two pillars of the model, as I see it emerging: You build your business based on sharing scarce resources [...]

Franke James – Dinner with a Stranger

“If you got an email from a stranger, who said they’d donate $200 to a charity of your choice if you had them to a vegetarian dinner, would you say yes?”
That’s the question Franke James answers for herself, in her dinner with a stranger blog post.
It’s a great story, and if you haven’t seen Franke’s [...]

On Asking Questions

I wanted to collect together a couple of random things about asking questions on the ‘net. I don’t have comments, just want to get them out of my Firefox tabs and think about them again later. :-)

Spartanicus, in comp.infosystems.www.authoring.stylesheets:

“Welcome to usenet, post a url here and you may find that we will discuss
the problems [...]

Hard SF / Tag Network

Chris Moriarty on Hard SF: “Since the 1960s (and arguably earlier) hard sf has suffered from the attacks of new wavers, feminists, cyberpunks, socialists, postcolonialists, poststructuralists postmodernists posthumanists and nearly every other imaginable kind of -ist in the genre. These attacks have been accompanied by loud and frequent proclamations that hard sf is dead and [...]


Hey, I’ll be at Bar Camp later today and tomorrow. I hope to see you there!
While writing up some of interests on my personal page there, I counted all the Flickr and tags I use, thinking that would represent something about what I care about, and came up with ~1,900 tags! That’s [...]

Industrialized Education / Industrialized Medicine

We’ve had two threads on one of my mailing lists, and they converged for me when we started grousing about ineffective American education in one and expensive corporate American health care (which is not really health-care, but disease management via magic bullets) in another. Here’s my two cents:
It’s not so much that corporations control [...]

Jury Summons

Hello from the San Mateo County Superior Court’s Jury Assembly room!
It’s always fun to see a random cross-section of your fellow citizens. We seem like a nice bunch, and everybody’s being calm and polite.
About half of us are reading something, and the other half are just sitting here bored. A couple people are [...]