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Verifiable: Upload, Visualize and Share your Data Online – information aesthetics

Nice list of social data visualization sites, along with news of a new one, Verifiable:
The new website Verifiable is yet another contender in the now seemingly crowded social data visualization area, which include other free services likeĀ  Many Eyes, Swivel, iCharts, Trendrr, Widgenie, Track-n-Graph and Timetric. The goal of Verifiable is to “democratize data” as [...]

Hello from Harvard Law School!

I’m staying here at the Harvard Law School dorms, to attend Wikimania 2006, the second annual conference for Wikipedia folks. Except that it’s sort of warm — no air conditioning, just windows that open and a few window fans — it’s kind of cool staying in the dorm. It makes for lots of [...]

Socialtext Open!

Socialtext is now open source! It’s the culmination of a lot of dreams, discussions and hard work, but we’re all excited to get the source code for our business wiki out into the open.

The particulars:

Mozilla Public License 1.1

the open source package includes all of Socialtext’s enterprise grade code aside from [...]

Eaton 0.3.1

Status check on Eaton. I still need to do some cleanup work turning absolute paths and stuff into config vars before I can release it. I’m calling the current version I’m using 0.3.1.
I’m pretty jazzed about Eaton — it’s working really well on my sites, and I’ve got some cool ideas for extensions.
The [...]

Eaton – A Bouncer for WikiSpam and Blog Spam

Eugene Kim and I got together yesterday after the WikiSpam Workshop here at Wiki Symposium 2005 and hacked together a proof-of-concept universal blacklist wrapper called “Eaton”, which can be used with almost any CGI-based blog or wiki engine.
Eaton is the first client of the community-based wikispam blacklist maintained by the SharedAntiSpam effort that got started [...]

Network Map vs. Cocktail Party

Some of my friends, like Mary Hodder, Adina Levin and Mitch Ratcliffe have been talking about more fine-grained ways to rank blogs — and thereby, in a way, better ways to find interesting clusters of people.
This reminds me of Flickr’s new interestingness feature, which can rank large sets of pictures by, well, interestingness, as demonstrated [...]

Innovation and Stuff

And also from the NVHA Innovations conference in Atlanta, here are some of the items that caught my attention or came to mind during the conference:

Shell GameChanger — corporate innovation model

C-Tools – a PDA-based handout for doctors

John Boyd’s OODA loop – a standard model of cyclic intelligent observation and action: Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act

SIPDE, [...]

Social = Creative

I figured out what makes software “social software” for me — the ability to co-create, and to be inspired to be more creative, when I’m using it with other people.
As I told attendees at a conference in Atlanta, social software lets people be creative together.

Folksonomy Serendipity

“Folksonomy” is one of the hot buzzwords on the ‘net. Despite the buzz, it’s still a cool thing :-). Folksonomy refers to social tagging, where users on, Flickr or Socialtext categorize individual links, pictures or wiki pages with “tags.”
When enough people start tagging things, it’s easy to aggregate those judgements into useful [...]

Fast, Cheap and Out of Control

Rodney Brooks and Anita Flynn wrote in their classic 1989 paper “Fast, Cheap and Out of Control: A Robot Invasion of the Solar System”:

Complex systems and complex missions take years of planning and force launches to become incredibly expensive. The longer the planning and the more expensive the mission, the more catastrophic if it fails. [...]