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I’ve upgraded my Movable Type blog from v2.661 to the all-new, all-singing, all-dancing Movable Type 3.2.
The main impetus was that I hit the disk quota at my hosting provider (a side-effect of too much logging during some Eaton R&D and testing, I think), which caused my MT-Blacklist database to get messed up. I’m taking [...]


Imagine a very large coffee table strewn with magazines or books, but you can point at any one of them and it flies up and into full view right away.
Now imagine the coffee table as a web page, and you’ve got Coverpop, yet another great webhack from Jim Bumgardner.
I also really enjoyed Jim’s CoverPop – [...]

Google Base – A Universal Structured Database

Google is conducting closed beta testing of Google Base, a universal structured database. A description:
Google Base is Google’s database into which you can add all types of content. We’ll host your content and make it searchable online for free.
Examples of items you can find in Google Base:

Description of your party planning service


UmaxSearch Spammers

I posted in January about a UmaxSearch affiliate who was spamming my wiki.
Somebody with a new UmaxSearch affiliate code, #32266, has been spamming KaminskiWiki hard in the past few days. UmaxSearch now has an abuse report form on their site. Here’s the text of the abuse report I just posted there:
Your affiliate #32266 [...]

Dual WAN SOHO/Home Routers

Everyone’s had the experience of an Internet connection going flaky at an inopportune time. If you had two Internet connections, though — especially through different upstream providers, like one on cable modem, and the other on DSL — it would be unlikely to have them both exhibit problems at the same time.
If you need [...]

AdSense policy violation

posted to Google AdSense Support via
Name: Peter KaminskiEmail Address: your question is concerning a problem with Google ads on a particular page or domain, please provide the exact URL.)URL: AdSense policy violation
Dear Google,
After receiving a comment spam to my blog advertising “” (posted from IP address, I visited that website. [...]

Spidering the Real World

My buddy Kevin Jones makes a nice observation about A9 making the yellow pages interactive and fun:
The social interface around this; by which I mean the way they expect people to act, is pretty neat. It’s an intentionally permeable design. When he’s not doing his bottom of the pyramid rap, and talking to corporates like [...]

A Wiki Spam Story

Speaking of wiki spam, I had a notable case this past day. Here’s a crosspost from the KaminskiWiki ChangeLog:
The 202 domains in my WikiBlackList
starting with “” and ending with
“” (and some related page-zeroing) are kind of
interesting. They were posted from proxies or zombies:

Because the spammers are hosting the [...]

Why rel=”nofollow”? I want rel=”spammer”!

Google and a bunch of the blog vendors have introduced a way of anesthesizing URLs in blog comments so that they don’t add PageRank. Just put rel=”nofollow” in your link, and it won’t count. (See, for instance, Google leads the industry in fighting comment spam and Support for NoFollow.)
The idea is that it [...]

Freedom to Connect

My good friend David Isenberg is hosting F2C: Freedom to Connect on March 30/31 in Washington, D.C. David holds excellent conferences, and if you’re interested in connectivity and how it shapes our world, this will be very good.
From the F2C website:
WHO: F2C is for all who care about — and are affected by — [...]