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MP3 player/headphones

Cool, no wires, just the headset, with integrated MP3 player: Headtrip.

Tiny Tunes

codepoetry’s got a great analysis of why the iPod shuffle doesn’t suck: “… just enough complexity to do what I want. Nothing more.”
Simplicity is hard to get right. I wish Apple success with their tiny iPod.
Two other very cute pendant MP3 players: the MPIO FL 300 and the iriver N10.
Specs compared:

weight, g
w, mm
h, [...]

Big Dig

Why did the giant bucket wheel excavator cross the road?

click for larger picture and post on Tero Toivola’s blog
Because the giant bucket wheel excavator goes anywhere it wants to.
Via jwz’s blog, where there are some funny comments. Click the Lego picture for an illustrated excavator vs. Greenpeace story.
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Ahead of the Curve

The new Tamagotchis are almost here — but we got ours early!

The Tamagotchi Connection (aka Tamagotchi Plus in Japan) virtual pets are pretty similar to Bandai’s earlier version that charmed and infuriated kids and adults in the late ’90s, but they’ve added a little infrared comm capability to the gadget, so your pet can visit [...]

Swiss Army Knife with USB Memory Stick

From Swissbit: “It is the first time that an original Swiss Army Knife has been equipped with a USB Memory. The SWISSMEMORY┬« USB Victorinox is a trendy accessory, a perfect gift and business tool. The small all-rounder integrates numerous useful tools and is available in two versions: one with a stainless steel knife, scissors, a [...]

Vonage Port Forwarding

After fiddling around with my Linksys firmware, I had to re-enter all the settings, and I forgot to forward ports through the Linksys for the Cisco ATA-186 I’ve got for Vonage. The Vonage service still works in the main, but I have had a couple cases of calls going straight to voicemail without ringing [...]