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Something Cool

If you like puppets, big mechanical things, or city-scale theater in the round, check out “La visite du sultan des Indes sur son éléphant à voyager dans le temps”, a street spectacle created for a Jules Verne anniversary in Nantes, France:
Jules Verne Nantes 2005La visite du sultan des Indes sur son éléphant à voyager dans [...]

Cultural Values – Caring For Children

I wanted to write a post reminding people to read newspapers from other countries (which is why I’ve got a link below to an English article in a Japanese newspaper about Finnish schools), but I ended up with these links about education and culture instead. I know they’re tiny, tiny, tiny little vignettes which [...]


A friend asked me how he might search about people who are “collectors”, and what makes them tick. Here’s the start I gave him: combine “collectors” and/or
“collecting” with psychology signwords like “psychology”,
“compulsion”, “addiction”, or “behavior”.

Here are a few interesting links I found on some quick searches (some stray into humor, “abnormal” collecting, and compulsive [...]

Inventors Who Happen To Be Women

In a conversation about needing an inventor to talk on a panel about how invention happens, we wondered about inventors who happen to be women.
I can think of a number of dead ones, but they probably won’t be able to show up for the panel. Two living inventors came to mind, though:

Elizabeth Downing, 3D [...]

Synchronicity Is Weird

I got a trackback ping from Eugene Wei late last night on my How not to buy happiness post. Which isn’t weird.
In the second half of his post, he talks about Ultimate Ears earbuds, which are nice, fancy, expensive custom-fitted headphones. Which isn’t weird.
What is weird is that I had been reading about [...]

How Not To Buy Happiness

Here’s an interesting piece about affluence and happiness. It describes a sort of Prisoner’s Dilemma of spending; there is a competitive pressure to spend money on the trappings of wealth, instead of things that make you happy.
How not to buy happiness, Robert H. Frank
An enduring paradox in the literature on human happiness is that [...]