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Sysadmins – All Too Human

A great quote from “Greg”, on alt.apache.configuration (edited for punctuation): “The scary thing I get out of this, is that apparently administrators are not like G-d at all, but more like Greek gods — which is to say, like ordinary (soap-opera) people, but with extraordinary powers.”

MVC, GTD, etc.

Greg Elin asks, Why MVC? And how might GTD inform interaction architecture?
Here’s my response:
First, read these for general background on MVC:
One of the interesting things to note is that Trygve Reenskaug’s original conceptualization was apparently MVC+U, including the User.
Then, consider that at the time MVC was promulgated, the dominant paradigm was one screen, one [...]

Gnomedex 4

.flickr-photo { border: solid 1px #000000; }
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Lockergnome, originally uploaded by Peter Kaminski.

I’m at Gnomedex 4, hosted by Chris Pirillo at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe. So far, it’s been great, with nice folks and a very comfortable “hanging out with [...]

Nigritude Ultramarine

Some unthinking person playing the Nigritude Ultramarine search engine optimization competition link-spammed KaminskiWiki. It was a hit-and-run job, dropping links to their site into the SandBox page, shotgunned in four different wiki syntaxes . (Interestingly enough, had the spammer started a new and interesting page about “Nigritude Ultramarine,” I might have let it [...]

Starting JavaScript

A friend on a Mac asked for some resources to get started programming JavaScript. Here’s what I came up with. Are there any others I should know about?
Here are two good-looking text editors for the Mac:

Tumult HyperEdit

Taco HTML Edit

Web tutorials about JavaScript:

W3Schools Introduction to JavaScript

The JavaScript Primers

A Beginner’s Guide to [...]

Spamming From An Internet Cafe

A sysadmin for an Internet cafe in Dublin describes in nice technical detail how he caught an alleged "419" spammer in flagrante delicto. (”419″ refers to a Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud.)
Evidently, a 419er is that stupid. The very next Friday (2nd of April
2004) he turned up again. I was on the bus at the [...]

Web-scale Programming

Rich Skrenta has a good post about “the secret source of Google’s power” — a massively parallel computing platform. He writes about Google’s server architecture,

Google is a company that has built a single very large, custom computer. It’s running their own cluster operating system. They make their big computer even bigger and faster each [...]

Sneaky Worm

I received one of the first copies of a new style worm yesterday. Instead of mailing a copy of itself as an attachment, it mails a small HTML snippet, which is rendered as a blank body. The message content seems pretty innocuous; and the message doesn’t have any attachment which makes it an [...]

Google new look bookmarklet

If you’re intrigued by my Google screenshots and want to try the new Google look for yourself, Jesse Ruderman has posted a toggle google look bookmarklet, based on poind’s Google ID.
via Christopher Allen

Pleasing Users Is Hard

Google is tweaking their results page. Usually, I like their changes; this time I don’t. (Screenshots taken in Windows Firebird 0.7, today, on different computers.)

dictionary word



product name search



The Images / Groups / News tabs are now just links above the search field. The text ads on the right are less distinguishable from [...]