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Making More Money When Your Customers Have Less

With his social investor hat on, my friend Kevin Jones posts his astute investment thesis for today’s economic realities, in his Stanford Social Innovation Review blog post When More Mission Equals More Money:
So here are the two pillars of the model, as I see it emerging: You build your business based on sharing scarce resources [...]

Visible Immune Response

I learned about — or at least about the existence of — the VisiblePulse community pattern from Eugene Kim. (Currently the VisiblePulse page on CollabWiki is empty, awaiting a description if you’re so inclined. :-)

Tonight in discussion with a friend, I suggested a new one, “VisibleImmuneResponse” — a reaction obvious to others in response [...]

Blo(g|ck) Party

Seeing Rebecca Ryan’s post about the virtues of having a physical front porch reminded me of the cool intertwingled set of Ton, Dina, Brandon and me (via Seb) talking about blogs as front porches. It makes Eileen Foley’s Porch culture diffusion index seem s p o o k y.
I don’t know [...]