Making More Money When Your Customers Have Less

With his social investor hat on, my friend Kevin Jones posts his astute investment thesis for today’s economic realities, in his Stanford Social Innovation Review blog post When More Mission Equals More Money:

So here are the two pillars of the model, as I see it emerging: You build your business based on sharing scarce resources in a time when your customers have less money, and you dedicate your business to serve a movement where sharing comes easily.

Then you build your revenue model to reduce financial and environmental costs for your customers (individual and collectively) while increasing your margins as a provider. The more you focus on your mission, the truer you are to your community’s mission, and the higher your margins. That’s the model that makes sense to me these days.

This is the Dreamfish model.  We add a little more to it; by helping people share while they work, we help them be more effective and more happy as they work, as well.