Wikimania Plenary – Larry Lessig on Free Culture

Lessig, of course, rocks. He gave a great plenary, which I can’t do justice to in a blog post. It’s worth finding video of the session to see it, though.

The storyline: The 20th century, with its read-only labor, culture and politics, was weirdly totalitarian. The 21st century is a revival of a different (normal, given history) way to organize and produce within society. To fulfill this, we all need to practice free culture, and demand support of it.

He talked about a new thing, the problem that the various free culture licenses are not interoperable yet. (Interoperability – value diversity and opportunity over control.) This causes problems because it creates islands of free content that can’t be mixed together. So he suggests we set up a body — he recommends the Software Freedom Law Center — that can certify licenses as “close enough” and then have the various license providers add compatibility clauses to existing licenses so derivative works can be relicensed to a “close enough” license.

Out-takes, quotes:

  • commodity layers invite competition
  • PD-Wiki
  • Written language, words, is the Latin of our times. The language of the people today is video.

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  1. Raines Cohen wrote::

    Hi! I’ve uploaded a Larry Lessig video (shot from the back row) to Google Video; it’s in the verification process now, so I can’t give the URL yet, but it show show up in searches on Google Video starting in a short bit from now. Thanks for the summary, I referenced it in the description.

    Friday, August 4, 2006 at 16:48 #