Monthly Archives: August 2006

Web Monday Silicon Valley

Tim Bonnemann transplanted the best of the informal tech get-together from Silicon Valley to Europe, and now back again!

Tonight we had a very successful Web Montag Silicon Valley at Socialtext Headquarters in Palo Alto. About 35 people showed up, and listened raptly to cool demos and talks:

mnemo, a cool interactive web search/explorer
an ad-hoc demo [...]

Wikimania Day 2 – Yochai Benkler Plenary

Benkler summarized his book The Wealth of Networks for us, in 30 minutes. :-) (You can link from there to the book’s wiki, and PDF or HTML copies of the book to download.)

The punch line of course is that networked computers enable peer production; he goes further and says we’ll have greater individual human [...]

Wikimania Plenary – Larry Lessig on Free Culture

Lessig, of course, rocks. He gave a great plenary, which I can’t do justice to in a blog post. It’s worth finding video of the session to see it, though.

The storyline: The 20th century, with its read-only labor, culture and politics, was weirdly totalitarian. The 21st century is a revival of a [...]

Wikimania – Chris presents BarCamp

“BarCamp – the wiki of events”

Chris Messina is presenting. starts with some background about himself, and then how BarCamp got started.

First there was Foo Camp at O’Reilly’s campus in Sebastopol. Foo pioneered the ad hoc camp, but after a couple of iterations, not everyone could fit any more; O’Reilly’s space wasn’t infinite.

Tantek Çelik, [...]

Wikimania Starts – Jimbo’s Keynote

Jimmy Wales is giving the Wikimania keynote. He started to good effect by showing a video of Steven Colbert talking about Wikipedia and editable reality, which was a funny way to kick things off. (I happen to be sitting in the front row between two friends and superb bloggers, David Weinberger and Ross [...]

Hello from Harvard Law School!

I’m staying here at the Harvard Law School dorms, to attend Wikimania 2006, the second annual conference for Wikipedia folks. Except that it’s sort of warm — no air conditioning, just windows that open and a few window fans — it’s kind of cool staying in the dorm. It makes for lots of [...]