Visible Immune Response

I learned about — or at least about the existence of — the VisiblePulse community pattern from Eugene Kim. (Currently the VisiblePulse page on CollabWiki is empty, awaiting a description if you’re so inclined. :-)

Tonight in discussion with a friend, I suggested a new one, “VisibleImmuneResponse” — a reaction obvious to others in response to damage or attack.

And then it struck me that these are also ways of telling that something — a community, a wiki, a website, or a bird or a snake — is alive and vital.

  Wiki Community Animal
VisiblePulse Recent Changes newsletter, email list, gossip breathing motions, eyes track objects
VisibleImmuneResponse wikispam gets removed trolls repulsed, members aid others in trouble scabs form over wounds, sneezing/coughing during viral infection

What other SignsOfLife are there? How do you judge the quality of SignsOfLife?