Monthly Archives: December 2005

Eaton 0.3.1

Status check on Eaton. I still need to do some cleanup work turning absolute paths and stuff into config vars before I can release it. I’m calling the current version I’m using 0.3.1.
I’m pretty jazzed about Eaton — it’s working really well on my sites, and I’ve got some cool ideas for extensions.
The [...]

Visible Immune Response

I learned about — or at least about the existence of — the VisiblePulse community pattern from Eugene Kim. (Currently the VisiblePulse page on CollabWiki is empty, awaiting a description if you’re so inclined. :-)

Tonight in discussion with a friend, I suggested a new one, “VisibleImmuneResponse” — a reaction obvious to others in response [...]

Hi From Les Blogs!

I’m in Paris this morning, attending Loic Le Meur / Six Apart’s Les Blogs 2.0. Watch my Flickr stream for more!