Monthly Archives: July 2005

UmaxSearch Spammers

I posted in January about a UmaxSearch affiliate who was spamming my wiki.
Somebody with a new UmaxSearch affiliate code, #32266, has been spamming KaminskiWiki hard in the past few days. UmaxSearch now has an abuse report form on their site. Here’s the text of the abuse report I just posted there:
Your affiliate #32266 [...]

London Bomb Blasts on Flickr

My heart-felt sympathies to the victims of today’s bombings in London. It’s a terrible thing.
Here are some of the links for photo coverage via Flickr:
London Bomb Blasts
Hearts for London
tag queries:

Sysadmins – All Too Human

A great quote from “Greg”, on alt.apache.configuration (edited for punctuation): “The scary thing I get out of this, is that apparently administrators are not like G-d at all, but more like Greek gods — which is to say, like ordinary (soap-opera) people, but with extraordinary powers.”