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How To Make (almost) Anything…

… is the idea of Neil Gershenfeld’s fab labs. An Economist article, Fabulous fabrications provides background.
Via good friend Adina Levin.

Paul Wolfowitz

Paul Wolfowitz, the number two person at the Pentagon, has been nominated by the United States to be the new president of the World Bank.
In an interview Friday with Reuters, Wolfowitz said, “I am not going to impose the U.S. agenda on the bank.“
How can this be? If it is true, why would President [...]

Jury Summons

Hello from the San Mateo County Superior Court’s Jury Assembly room!
It’s always fun to see a random cross-section of your fellow citizens. We seem like a nice bunch, and everybody’s being calm and polite.
About half of us are reading something, and the other half are just sitting here bored. A couple people are [...]

Silence is Acceptance

Over on Flickr, nic221 has a bunch of good snapshots of the March 20th anti-war protest in Boston and its slogans and visuals.

Consumer Politics

Noam Chomsky asserts that the 2004 US presidential election was just another consumer marketing campaign, unrelated to the issues — and that most people don’t and won’t care, until their opinions matter.
My friend Jerry Michalski thinks “consumer” is a bad word — it describes a passive, one-way consumption relationship with the productive side of society [...]

A groovy night…

Mac Davis, who wrote the lyrics for the Elvis/JXL retro-hit “A Little Less Conversation,” says the lyrics were originally written from a woman’s point of view, to be sung by someone like Aretha Franklin:
“The original lyric on it,” Davis explains, “was ‘I work hard all day to please you / Treat you just like a [...]

School of the Future

I look forward to the day when all of the information needed for a good education is free and accessible online, and indexed in sort of a chronological progression from simple concepts to intricate ones.
Imagine, then, scrolling back to 4th grade, and at your leisure going over some subject that you never really got, until [...]

AdSense policy violation

posted to Google AdSense Support via
Name: Peter KaminskiEmail Address: your question is concerning a problem with Google ads on a particular page or domain, please provide the exact URL.)URL: AdSense policy violation
Dear Google,
After receiving a comment spam to my blog advertising “” (posted from IP address, I visited that website. [...]

Innovation and Stuff

And also from the NVHA Innovations conference in Atlanta, here are some of the items that caught my attention or came to mind during the conference:

Shell GameChanger — corporate innovation model

C-Tools – a PDA-based handout for doctors

John Boyd’s OODA loop – a standard model of cyclic intelligent observation and action: Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act

SIPDE, [...]

Social = Creative

I figured out what makes software “social software” for me — the ability to co-create, and to be inspired to be more creative, when I’m using it with other people.
As I told attendees at a conference in Atlanta, social software lets people be creative together.