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MP3 player/headphones

Cool, no wires, just the headset, with integrated MP3 player: Headtrip.


A friend asked me how he might search about people who are “collectors”, and what makes them tick. Here’s the start I gave him: combine “collectors” and/or
“collecting” with psychology signwords like “psychology”,
“compulsion”, “addiction”, or “behavior”.

Here are a few interesting links I found on some quick searches (some stray into humor, “abnormal” collecting, and compulsive [...]

A Wiki Spam Story

Speaking of wiki spam, I had a notable case this past day. Here’s a crosspost from the KaminskiWiki ChangeLog:
The 202 domains in my WikiBlackList
starting with “” and ending with
“” (and some related page-zeroing) are kind of
interesting. They were posted from proxies or zombies:

Because the spammers are hosting the [...]

Why rel=”nofollow”? I want rel=”spammer”!

Google and a bunch of the blog vendors have introduced a way of anesthesizing URLs in blog comments so that they don’t add PageRank. Just put rel=”nofollow” in your link, and it won’t count. (See, for instance, Google leads the industry in fighting comment spam and Support for NoFollow.)
The idea is that it [...]

Tiny Tunes

codepoetry’s got a great analysis of why the iPod shuffle doesn’t suck: “… just enough complexity to do what I want. Nothing more.”
Simplicity is hard to get right. I wish Apple success with their tiny iPod.
Two other very cute pendant MP3 players: the MPIO FL 300 and the iriver N10.
Specs compared:

weight, g
w, mm
h, [...]

Freedom to Connect

My good friend David Isenberg is hosting F2C: Freedom to Connect on March 30/31 in Washington, D.C. David holds excellent conferences, and if you’re interested in connectivity and how it shapes our world, this will be very good.
From the F2C website:
WHO: F2C is for all who care about — and are affected by — [...]

Folksonomy Serendipity

“Folksonomy” is one of the hot buzzwords on the ‘net. Despite the buzz, it’s still a cool thing :-). Folksonomy refers to social tagging, where users on, Flickr or Socialtext categorize individual links, pictures or wiki pages with “tags.”
When enough people start tagging things, it’s easy to aggregate those judgements into useful [...]!

A friend on a mailing list asked a while ago what our favorite blog or news source was, the ones that you’d have withdrawal symptoms from if you didn’t check regularly.
For me, it’s my inbox. Josh recently had the inbox offline for some awful number of weeks while he was doing database upgrades; [...]

Inventors Who Happen To Be Women

In a conversation about needing an inventor to talk on a panel about how invention happens, we wondered about inventors who happen to be women.
I can think of a number of dead ones, but they probably won’t be able to show up for the panel. Two living inventors came to mind, though:

Elizabeth Downing, 3D [...]

Get a cluepacket!

following up on a mailing list…
Imagine a desktop message bus or message cloud to which all your desktop applications posted details about what was going on inside themselves.
Your email client tells the cloud, “Hey, he’s reading a message from Andrius Kulikauskas, and it’s about things like Linkido and Lucid.” Your web browser says, “Looks [...]