Monthly Archives: December 2004

Volunteer Registration in South Australia

Remember that the best way to help is to donate funds to organizations with relief efforts in the affected area, but reports that World Vision Australia is asking for South Australian volunteers to help in relief efforts in Southeast Asia:
Appeal for disaster relief volunteers
December 30, 2004
A VOLUNTEER register is being set up for South [...]

How Do I Volunteer as an International Relief Worker in Southeast Asia?

On my previous post about Quake/Tsunami Relief and Resources, Greg, Erin and Gail ask how they might go to Southeast Asia themselves for a few months as volunteer relief workers.

I sympathize. I know how frustrating it is to be living a normal life here while others need help there, wondering how best to help.

In [...]

Hands around the world

A Flickr group, Hands to S.E. Asia, is posting images of their hands as a gesture of support and positive energy.

They have a topic with links to sites accepting donations.

Quake/Tsunami Relief and Resources

UPDATE: Also see How Do I Volunteer as an International Relief Worker in Southeast Asia?
Via Jon Lebkowsky:

Volunteers have set up a The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami blog to gather and coordinate information about resources, aid, donations, and volunteer efforts in response to the devastation in Southeast Asia.

My sympathies to all affected.


Dear Constant Contact,
I understand that you believe you’re the leading web-based email marketing service for small businesses and associations, and that you make it easy and affordable to build and manage permission-based email lists, create and send eye-catching HTML email newsletters, announcements and promotions, and track email campaign results.
I also note that you believe you [...]

Atmospheric Artistry

Great article by Jaime Jasso about making his ethereal image, Spiritual City:

Spiritual City by Jaime Jasso (detail)

70 found images off the web, and lots of creative compositing and detail painting!

Software Development

It’s interesting stuff!
Exhibit 1: a current thread on MeFi about in-the-trenches wisdom around software development methodology/process (via co-worker Chris Dent).
Exhibit 2: Orson Scott Card’s classic essay, How Software Companies Die, from 1995.
Basically, like any other human activity, it boils down to communication and respect. Hard stuff, but like the Beatles said, love is all [...]

Windmills and Airports

John Perry Barlow, John Gilmore et al. are squaring off against the TSA: Is the job of the Transportation Security Administration to secure us from terrorists? Or is it to disassemble anything and everything in your luggage to find 5 grams of marijuana hidden in the bottom of a bottle of ibuprofen?

Turning French

Today’s tongue-twister: “Un pâtissier qui pâtissait chez un tapissier qui tapissait, dit un jour au tapissier qui tapissait: vaut-il mieux pâtisser chez un tapissier qui tapisse ou tapisser chez un pâtissier qui pâtisse?”
There are longer lists of virelangues sur le web, but I got this one from Ginette Charette.

Turning Japanese

Looks like a great place for English speakers to shop for denshi jisho (electronic Japanese-English dictionaries): The Japan Shop.
My friend Gen points out a good shopping guide, Mark’s Japanese-English-Japanese Electronic Dictionaries (denshi jisho).