Monthly Archives: October 2004

Arlington West, Santa Monica

Liz Lawley posted snapshots of Arlington West at the
Santa Monica beach:
“When Simon and I got to the beach next to the Santa Monica Pier, we
found this temporary Iraq War Memorial, which is put up every Sunday by
volunteers. They post the photos and names of every US soldier killed in
Iraq, and encourage people to write one [...]

Chris Allen: Tracing the Evolution of Social Software

My friend Chris Allen posts a cool history of the term "social software" and its predecessors.
Cool post, Chris, and I’m glad you got Drexler in there — it’s something Chris Peterson had mentioned to me when I was first investigating the term.
The 1970s and 1980s seem kind of bare without more discussion of newsgroups, bulletin [...]

SpaceShipOne wins X Prize!

Congratulations to Rutan, Melvill, Binnie, and everybody else involved!
I’ve been waiting for this since 1996, when the competition was first
announced. Or since the mid-70’s, when my best friend and I used to
dream about being astronauts.
And it’s Burt Rutan that wins! Rutan has always done amazing stuff –
I’m really happy for him.

Gnomedex 4

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Lockergnome, originally uploaded by Peter Kaminski.

I’m at Gnomedex 4, hosted by Chris Pirillo at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe. So far, it’s been great, with nice folks and a very comfortable “hanging out with [...]