Monthly Archives: August 2004

Socialtext Closes Series A Financing

We’ve closed our Series A round of financing, with existing investors such as Joi Ito, Reid Hoffman, Mark Pincus and Freedom Technology Ventures — and new investors Jun Makihara and Omidyar Network.
We have a great team, with some amazing additions soon, and truly excellent investors.
I feel very blessed. :-)

Academic Skills

Just in time for back-to-school: running across Walter Pauk’s "Cornell Method" of note-taking led me into a cornucopia of cheat sheets on how to succeed at school (and life), hosted by the academic support departments at colleges and universities.
I started an AcademicSkills page on my wiki to index some of the collections of these how-tos.
Topics [...]

Ahead of the Curve

The new Tamagotchis are almost here — but we got ours early!

The Tamagotchi Connection (aka Tamagotchi Plus in Japan) virtual pets are pretty similar to Bandai’s earlier version that charmed and infuriated kids and adults in the late ’90s, but they’ve added a little infrared comm capability to the gadget, so your pet can visit [...]

Electoral Vote Watch

Two nifty map-based visualizations tracking the current best guesses about the United States presidential election by state/electoral college votes.
aggregated polls
TradeSports information futures market

Synchronicity Is Weird

I got a trackback ping from Eugene Wei late last night on my How not to buy happiness post. Which isn’t weird.
In the second half of his post, he talks about Ultimate Ears earbuds, which are nice, fancy, expensive custom-fitted headphones. Which isn’t weird.
What is weird is that I had been reading about [...]

How Not To Buy Happiness

Here’s an interesting piece about affluence and happiness. It describes a sort of Prisoner’s Dilemma of spending; there is a competitive pressure to spend money on the trappings of wealth, instead of things that make you happy.
How not to buy happiness, Robert H. Frank
An enduring paradox in the literature on human happiness is that [...]

The Case Against George W. Bush

Ron Reagan presents "The Case Against George W. Bush" in the September issue of Esquire magazine.
Reagan doesn’t really add anything we haven’t heard already, but he presents his case well: the Bush team makes big lies and small lies, even when they don’t have to. Why trust them, if they don’t trust us?

Get Yer War On

Why war? Why now?
That’s easy. The United States had accumulated a nice store of the
dry kindling of business desire and citizen apathy, which was ignited
by the 9/11 terrorists.
And because We Won.
We won the War of Independence. The War of 1812. The Civil War. The
Spanish-American War. The Great War. [...]