No Torture In My Name

I am ashamed of the political and military leadership of the United States of America, who have betrayed the principles of this great nation:

  • by contemplating the legal application of torture in order to better obtain military intelligence;
  • by creating an environment in which prisoners were so tortured;
  • doubly, when they refuse to assume responsibility for doing so.

A few of the many articles on this topic from recent news:

Interview by David Brancaccio
Ron Daniels, Center for Constitutional Rights, 2004-06-11

And if we can have the President of the United States feeling that he and this nation can be above the rule of law, then the question is, what are we fighting for in the world?

I mean, how do we talk about prosecuting and fighting for democracy and holding ourselves up as a beacon of human rights when we in fact are violating the very tenets of our own law and our precepts as a nation?

A little legal redefinition and torture becomes a necessary abuse to save the US
Opinion by Robert Manne, Sydney Morning Herald, 2004-06-13

In plain language, what the Pentagon report authors argued was that, in time of war, the president could order those under his command to torture America’s enemies. As commander-in-chief he was above domestic and international law. This new, secret doctrine amounted to a astonishing quasi-medieval claim to an unlimited presidential executive power.

Torture: It’s un-American
Editorial, Wilmington Star, 2004-06-11

Evidence keeps piling up, in sworn statements, official reports and legal memos, that the Bush administration’s management of the Iraqi occupation has been incompetent, immoral, illegal and self-defeating.

Most of all, it has sickened Americans, and our friends around the world, who believe in the principles of decency for which we have always stood.


Sen. Joseph Biden reminded Mr. Ashcroft, “There’s a reason why we sign these treaties: to protect my son in the military. That’s why we have these treaties, so when Americans are captured, they are not tortured.”

That’s not the only reason, but it the one that matters most to Americans whose loved ones and friends have been sent to the deserts of the world to protect American interests and American values. Those Americans have been betrayed by their leaders.

We all have.

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  1. Joel Charles wrote::

    I agree with all this. Am a NG vet who went AWOL as I could not stand the crap anymore. People in it were itching to kill arabs and other races, I wanted no part of this and split the scene 3 years ago. I work for peace today as all should do.


    Thursday, October 26, 2006 at 13:12 #