Monthly Archives: March 2004

“Dick Clarke Is Telling the Truth”

Fred Kaplan articulates well what I’ve been feeling: Clarke’s story gibes with others’, and the Administration’s response has been schizophrenic, deceptive and tries to undermine Clarke’s credibility, without addressing the substance of his charges.
Bush continues to underwhelm. What he said: “Had I known that the enemy was going to use airplanes to strike America, [...]

Who Is This Guy?

Collaborative crime-fighting: my buddy danah boyd got her credit cards and phone and stuff ripped off while at a party in Austion at SXSW, and now the blogosphere is looking for this guy and his friends.
It leads to some interesting thoughts about ubiquitous cameras+publishing, social networks as safety nets, and the good, or evil, a [...]

We Would Have Acted

There are plenty of people who could have done things differently with 20/20 hindsight, but President George W. Bush’s statement today seems particularly lame. To paraphrase:
Q: Is it true that you understated the threat of al Qaeda before September 11th, then rushed to blame Iraq afterwards?
A: We did not act on terrorist threats, because [...]

Swiss Army Knife with USB Memory Stick

From Swissbit: “It is the first time that an original Swiss Army Knife has been equipped with a USB Memory. The SWISSMEMORY┬« USB Victorinox is a trendy accessory, a perfect gift and business tool. The small all-rounder integrates numerous useful tools and is available in two versions: one with a stainless steel knife, scissors, a [...]

Sneaky Worm

I received one of the first copies of a new style worm yesterday. Instead of mailing a copy of itself as an attachment, it mails a small HTML snippet, which is rendered as a blank body. The message content seems pretty innocuous; and the message doesn’t have any attachment which makes it an [...]

Dinner Mob from SxSW

We had great Mexican food and lively discussion at Curra’s (South) last night after SXSW activities.

Back row: Chip Rosenthal, Eliza Evans, Jorge Ortiz, Jon Udell, Wendy Seltzer, Neil Iscoe, David Weinberger.Front Row: David Isenberg, Betsy Devine, Jonas Luster, Pete Kaminski, Adina Levin.

Photo courtesy David Isenberg.

Font-watching at Disney

I don’t know if this appeals more to the font geek in me or the guy that likes random lists of arcana, but here’s a Disney font list, “an incomplete listing of typefaces seen at Walt Disney World, etc.”
Incomplete, maybe, but still not short.

Google new look bookmarklet

If you’re intrigued by my Google screenshots and want to try the new Google look for yourself, Jesse Ruderman has posted a toggle google look bookmarklet, based on poind’s Google ID.
via Christopher Allen

Pleasing Users Is Hard

Google is tweaking their results page. Usually, I like their changes; this time I don’t. (Screenshots taken in Windows Firebird 0.7, today, on different computers.)

dictionary word



product name search



The Images / Groups / News tabs are now just links above the search field. The text ads on the right are less distinguishable from [...]


I know this image belies a tense, complicated politico-military situation, but I still find it heartening that tens of thousands of people in another country feel positive about the United States:

30,000 South Koreans protest against Kim Jong Il and North Korean nuclear weaons programs, via AP/Die Welt
More background: Why Kim Jong-Il Must Go, interview with [...]