Vonage Port Forwarding

After fiddling around with my Linksys firmware, I had to re-enter all the settings, and I forgot to forward ports through the Linksys for the Cisco ATA-186 I’ve got for Vonage. The Vonage service still works in the main, but I have had a couple cases of calls going straight to voicemail without ringing my phone.

I found the Vonage port forwarding instructions, which say to forward UDP for all these ports:

SIP: 5060-5061
NTP: 123
TFTP: 69
DNS: 53
VOIP calls: 10000-20000

I’m pretty sure all but the SIP connections are initiated outbound, so while the other ports have to be passed by the firewall, they don’t need to be forwarded inbound to the ATA, so I’ve only forwarded 5060-5061. I think additional SIP devices would want their own ports incrementing up from 5062, but I don’t have any of those yet.