Monthly Archives: February 2004

Weekend Fun: Workstation Upgrade

The project for my spare computer time this weekend was re-partitioning and then re-installing Debian GNU/Linux on my main workstation. I run VMware and then several virtual Windows or Linux virtual computers on it.
I’ve been practicing Debian installs for another project, so I know exactly what I want to install how, and it goes [...]

RMS Interview

Richard Stallman answers questions put forward by Samuel Abraham of The Week, an Indian weekly magazine.
Good reading.

Dust Storm / Atmospheric Moon

Two cool NASA images:

Dust storm from the Sahara over Canary Islands, via NASA/AFP/Der Spiegel

Moon through upper atmosphere, from ISS, via NASA/AFP/L’Internaute

Global Jobs

What’s sort of surprising to me is how much of the shifting jobs
conversations I hear revolves around zero sum economics and national boundaries.
I suppose the urge to have more than “them,” and to have “our” kids have
more than their kids, is pretty strong. But on the other hand, the growing
globalized homogenized human culture is [...]

Communications Auras

Speaking of Christopher Alexander, check out these shapes of conversation by Marco Susani et al.: Mapping communication. Make sure to click on “view all images” to see the intermediate slides.
Via Andrew.

Bridging The Gap

Kevin Jones writes, the need to allow social networks to evolve rather than being built to an architectural construct of seemingly appropriate, but actually limiting and ultimately network-ecosystem-impoverishing behavior norms is crucial but beyond our current capability. It’s a problem that is so complex in its multidimensional complexity that it needs to be made simpler.
Christopher [...]

Ulf’s Comprehensive History of Information and Computing

Ulf Schünemann has created a cool history of information and computing. The organization and presentation is striking, as well as the material.
Bonus links, along the history vein:

Notes by Augusta Ada Byron King, Countess of Lovelace, about Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine; note G has what some call the first computer program, a method to calculate [...]

Vonage Port Forwarding

After fiddling around with my Linksys firmware, I had to re-enter all the settings, and I forgot to forward ports through the Linksys for the Cisco ATA-186 I’ve got for Vonage. The Vonage service still works in the main, but I have had a couple cases of calls going straight to voicemail without ringing [...]


These computers are really teeny (83mm x 36mm x 15mm), and run embedded Linux.
Pretty cute! Via Rich Gibson.

The Feyerabend Project

Instigated by Richard Gabriel, an effort to repair the arena of software development and practice by radical reinvention.
More reading
Various materials from Richard’s site:

Introduction to the Feyerabend Project
Preparing for a Feyerabend Project session
all of the files in Richard’s Feyerbrand directory

Interview: The Poetry of Programming
Paul Feyerabend, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
find “Against Method (1970-75)” in that page