Monthly Archives: December 2003

Middle Where?

I drive on a stretch of US 101 in Redwood City, just north of Silicon Valley and just south of Oracle Galactic Headquarters, where tech companies like to advertise on the billboards.
IBM recently posted one that says “Middleware Is Everywhere.” Sun responded with a similar design that says “Middlewhere Is History.”
It’s odd to try [...]

Lessig on SCO FUD

Larry Lessig responds to the latest SCO screed about the GPL in More SCO fud, this time insulting the constitution. You know it’s going to be good when he starts “… after reading this extraordinary document by Darl McBride of SCO infamy, I couldn’t resist canceling this morning meetings to respond.”
Verbum sapienti satis est, [...]

Ideology Delivery

And now for something completely different: a slap in the face with a fish. Recommended articles, even though they’re a punch in the gut for liberals.
This article is the source of a great quote which is usually taken slightly out of context, like this: “a consortium of conservative think tanks, talk radio hosts, and [...]