Monthly Archives: October 2003

Foreign Policy Priorities

Framing foreign policy discussions: what are the dimensions and where do you stand? Here’s a good, politically neutral 12-question survey website from e-thePeople: American Choices – Understanding Foreign Policy Debates.
It also has a cool way to play with your results afterwards as a way to think about the issues more.

Plus Ça Change

Jay Rosen, in the journalism department at New York University, has a pair of great posts about what’s new about weblogs and what’s old about weblogs.
(Rosen shamelessly refers to “new” as “radical” and “old” as “conservative,” which is certainly provocative given the current political climate, but I think the titillating titles obscure the genuine substance [...]

Blazing Sunset

I know these never come across as well on the computer, but it was a pretty amazing sky this evening.

Foo Camp Pics

I’ve posted my O’Reilly Foo Camp Pics.
They include two more panoramic shots:
Foo Camp Social Software Session(5 frames stitched with Panorama Tools, 3114×586 px, 286 Kb)
Foo Camp Back Yard(7 frames stitched with Panorama Tools, 3495×586 px, 359 Kb)
It’s kind of spooky to see how well these panoramas stitched together — I thought they wouldn’t come out [...]

Foo Camp

I had a blast at Foo Camp this past weekend, as did everybody else there. Thanks, Tim! Thanks, Sara!
Foo Camp Back Yard
Here’s a panoramic view of the back yard at O’Reilly on Saturday morning at 8:30am (9 frames stitched with Panorama Tools, 4242×586 px, 366 Kb). More pictures to come.

RSS Feed Catalogs

Wouldn’t it be cool if sites that published lots of RSS feeds could also publish a catalog of those feeds? Or if you could load someone’s blogroll into your aggregator with one button click?
We discussed such a mechanism at Foo Camp this weekend. Sam Ruby captured the essence of the meeting and has [...]

“Big Lies”

John MacArthur, publisher of Harper’s Magazine, argues in Canada’s Globe and Mail that President Bush should be impeached for lying to Congress about the reasons for going to war.

California Political Geography

Not all of California voted yes on the recall. Here’s a striking map of the geographical distribution of the recall vote:
Click for full-size map from California Secretary of State site
For those not familiar with the geography, the red is the big population centers, the green is rural. (I am overgeneralizing sweepingly, of course.) [...]

Smaller And Smarter

The Sacramento Bee has a nice human interest story about our CEO and the difference in Silicon Valley between the recent boom and now.
Ross Mayfield used to run his startup out of an old cannery in San Francisco’s dot-com district. Today, he runs a new firm from his home in Palo Alto — where he [...]

Sensationalism or Journalism?

News or “news”: some networks emphasize emotional impact. Other networks emphasize information. Whose viewers are more in touch with reality?

A study by the Program on International Policy Attitudes “… reveals that before and after the Iraq war, a majority of Americans have had significant misperceptions and these are highly related to support for [...]