I’m Voting “No” On The Recall

I just e-signed a pledge at MoveOn to vote “no” on the California governor’s recall and to spread the word.

Personally I believe that the ability to recall an elected official is important, but I don’t find much merit in the current effort. I do hope it puts whoever ends up as governor on notice to do a good job, though. I also resent what seems to be a partisan ploy to replace a Democrat with a Republican.

People from other US states can sign, too, to declare their support. Signatures are tallied separately; MoveOn’s first campaign goal is 100,000 “Vote No” pledges from Californians by next Friday, September 12.

As an operational aside, the process is smooth and privacy policy clear.

They’ve got a new feature with which signers can track how many people they’ve referred have signed up. I’m of mixed mind about this. I’m not crazy when referrals turn into multi-level shystering; OTOH, I appreciate when I post an Amazon link that I can post a referral code that generates a little trickle of cash when people follow it.

Here’s the link to check it out with my referral tag:


and without referral tag for those who don’t want to be tracked:


Oh, and to fulfill the other part of my pledge :-) — I encourage each of you to vote on any and all Election Days. In California, the recall election is on October 7th.