Monthly Archives: July 2003

Brains, Beauty, Leadership

… is one of the campaign slogans for Georgy Russell, a 26-year old software developer from the San Francisco Bay Area who’s running for California governor.
She gets grief for her standard CafePress campaign merchandise, which includes thong underwear along with caps, T-shirts and the like. But I think her geek merchandise, with a “l33t” [...]

Wanna be Governor of California?

In case you’ve not heard, the Democratic Governor in California sucks. Well, that’s what a rich Republican spoiler and a million Californians think. Personally, I’m not sure he sucks more than a lot of other politicians in the country, but that’s another story.
Anyway, the petition to have a recall vote for Governor has [...]

Chicago and Art

Anna Borinki posts a pointer to 1920s Chicago Transit Posters.
I reply with Chicago Uncommon, one woman’s fan photos of Chicago.

Tenet Takes Responsibility For Letting White House Lie

You can tell the Bushies are getting desperate when they ask people like the Director of Central Intelligence to be the fall guy.
Some of the press are actually going along with the gag; the headline right now is “Tenet Takes the Blame” for the bogus uranium innuendo in the President’s State of the Union [...]

What Is Art?

Q: Shouldn’t art attract one?
A: I think this is a particularly bizarre requirement because some artistic pieces will attract some and repel others, and it seems odd that the piece would be art for the some but not for the others.
I think art is that which is affective and creates an emotional communication from the [...]

Mail Filtering

Two of my lists were talking about UCE filtering today, with a good deal centered around POPFile.
POPFile has been working very well for me over the past six weeks, scanning 7000 emails and classifying the 15% which were spam so they end up in one folder which I can quickly sort through and delete. [...]

Harry auf Deutsch

German fans translate Harry Potter from English into German, doing 5 pages each, translations shared with other translators:
The way it works: volunteers sign up, then they are assigned 5 ages to translate within 4 weeks (they have to procure the English original themselves). If they translation meets the required standards, the contributor will receive acess [...]