Monthly Archives: June 2003

Another Company Milestone

My company, Socialtext, announces an angel round of funding. It’s a nice validation that we’re on a good path forward, and in the process we also gathered some really excellent folks to help us continue that way.

Physicality and Data

Some of my comments from a discussion about credit card-form factor cards that serve only to carry PINs, seguing into comments about compact discs:
… those cards are degenerate, and retain the card form factor as an icon of value more than anything else.
Really, N. is just buying an authorization number she passes to the company [...]

Handy Windows Utilities

Haven’t tried any of these yet, but they look interesting.
A selective installer/deinstaller for Windows 9x (they’re working on 2000/XP): litePC. Good perhaps for making small Windows install images for VMware or for embedded use.
PDF and file format management from Software 995. Interesting sales model: break a big suite into smaller pieces, sell them [...]

Four Reasons For War

I like Tom Friedman’s analysis of the reasons to invade Iraq:

real reason: needed to demonstrate with bullets and blood in the Arab-Muslim world that 9/11 attacks were unacceptable;
right reason: need to foster a progressive Arab regime to defuse ideas of mass destruction (need to close dignity gap to do this);
moral reason: Saddam was a monster;
stated [...]