Monthly Archives: May 2003

Contact Manager Helpers

Various tools to help manage contacts.
Automatic clipboard data recognizers:

anagram for Outlook or Palm

Duplicate merge/removal:

Outlook Contacts Scrubber

Standalone contacts manager:

Address Everywhere, supports vCard export

vCard generator:

vCard Mail, web form / Perl CGI

Unlawful Labeling Of A Sound Recording

In Oregon, State Senator John Minnis introduced a draconian and extremely overbroad Senate Bill 742 defining the crime of “terrorism” and setting a punishment of life imprisonment. This was in the Senate Judicial Committee back in March; I’m not sure what its status is now.
Deterring real terrorism sounds like a great thing, and there [...]

“a role for wikis in the workplace?”

Wikis — and Socialtext — are in the New York Times business section today: Business Is Toying With a Web Tool.

Total Eclipse Of The Moon

If you’re in the Americas, Europe or Africa, remember to check out the total eclipse of the moon (the Earth’s shadow falling over the full moon) tomorrow night. Totality is at 8:40pm PDT / 11:40pm EDT, and all you need is a clear view of the moon to the southeast (it’ll be just rising [...]

George W. “Top Gun” Bush vs. Reality

George W. Bush sparkled Thursday as he flew out to the USS Abraham Lincoln and addressed the sailors and aviators. I wanted to remember some quotes, and some realities:
Bush: “No device of man can remove the tragedy from war; yet it is a great moral advance when the guilty have far more to fear [...]

Freedom = Consistent With The Principles We Set Out

In order to keep current with George W. Bush’s definition of “freedom” and “democracy”, I wanted to note the words of Donald Rumsfeld, the man who effected Iraq’s liberation:
… the neighboring countries ought not to try an influence the outcome of the situation there. Over time the Iraqi’s are going to figure out a way [...]