Monthly Archives: January 2003

“Psychological Destruction”

Dear Iraqi People,
The Peace-loving and Freedom-loving people of the United States of America hereby introduce you to George Bush’s brand of Democracy, with the delivery of 800 cruise missiles and assorted other ordnance, aimed at your heart.
It’s the kind of war loved by armchair generals and trigger-happy cowboys. Hit them hard, hit them fast, [...]

His Or Her Own Political Party

Dave Winer gets it:
I believe that China and Iran, both of which theoretically have one-party-systems, and the two-party systems of the west will experience an upheaval soon because of the Internet. Diversity is the rule. Politics isn’t one-size-fits-all. Sure we have some common interests. But the Chinese government is as obsolete as the centralized media [...]


Lest ye started to think that maybe he wasn’t really an oil sot when President (as adjudicated) Bush promulgated a sunny vision of children born today driving clean, efficient hydrogen-powered cars when they grow up:
Nota bene, on the Department of Energy’s “FreedomFUEL” web page on the matter, that natural gas is the “most affordable source” [...]

Worst Attack Ever / Wasn’t A Big Deal

Karsten also highly recommends Robert Graham’s cogent SQL Slammer Analysis. There is a little more expansion on the subject at TWikIWeThey:SlammerWorm.

Smugness Kills

An excellent meta-analysis on the Slammer / Sapphire infection (and cautionary tale for open source enthusiasts) by Karsten Self (posted with permission):
Looking over the BUGTRAQ and NANOG lists, a few trends start to emerge.
Apologies if this is fundamental knowledge — if I’m duplicating well-known summaries, please post links as followup as I’m unaware of them.


Working Around The World

I’ve got a new startup that’s soaking up most of my time. It’s fun, and I’m really excited about it, but it totally blew my plan of posting the rest of my travel pictures from New York and Tokyo.
Oh well.
I got a cool “working globally” charge today when I happened to notice my friend [...]

We Must Elect Ourselves to Make Change

Mitch Ratcliffe puts it beautifully:
Individuals need to rise up and sieze the power they have always had and been urged to forget. Beyond voting, we need to organize and actively debate everything, from the sidewalks in our home towns to the bills before Congress and the ad hoc rulings from the executive branch. We need [...]

The Blogs of Revolution

Originally written for the US organization Greater Democracy, which is why the metaphors have a US resonance. Spread the word outside of blogspace, and feel free to change the cultural references for your audience.
Do you think government could be run better?
Then how could you not blog right now?
Blogs are a combination of Revolutionary musket, [...]

MS SQL Worm Disassembly

It’s a thing of terrorbeauty, this Slammer/Sapphire/W32.SQLExp.Worm. Weighing in at 376 bytes of assembly language code, it is shorter than some email signature blocks. Shorter than the next paragraph.
It fits entirely within one UDP packet. The packet goes into a Microsoft SQL Server box, and boom, the machine turns into a zombie, [...]


A widespread worm infection in Internet-connected Microsoft SQL Server 2000 computers caused a major disruption of Internet connectivity last night, starting around 05:30 GMT (00:30 EST). The exploit used by the worm is a known vulnerability of the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 product. Information about the exploit and the means to fix it [...]