Monthly Archives: November 2002

Feds: Unborn Are Persons

Our Administration has introduced the precedent of personhood for the unborn, from conception to birth, into Federal law.
US Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson issued a new regulation on 2002-09-27, published in the Federal Register on 2002-10-02, which changed the language of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), 42 CFR 457.10, from [...]

Watchful Eye on the Military calls itself the “foremost independent source of information and analysis of the U.S. campaign against terrorism”. It is an information-rich resource for following news about military actions or for finding out about military and government installations around the world — Diego Garcia, for example.
Among other things, they support the use of commercial satellite [...]

Religious vs. Spiritual

Why is that sometimes that people who proclaim to be religious are so inhumane? Isn’t that a conflict?
I make a distinction between religious people and spiritual people. Theoretically, religious people should always be spiritual — but in practice, sometimes the two go together, and sometimes they don’t.
The worst are people who are using [...]

The Suburbanization of Geopolitics

A reaction to the election results from Brian Thomas Carroll:
The United States of America has suburbanized geopolitics. The election was not lost but won by this Republicanization of the nation, the new, improved, United States of Texas. The vote was lost by numbers, by people who voted against change, against questioning, against local [...]

North American Dialect Survey

Bert Vaux et al. at Harvard have an extensive online North American dialect
survey with maps of the results available for each question. Some
questions: “creek (a small body of running water)”, “How do you pronounce
Mary/merry/marry?”, “Can you call coleslaw ’slaw’?”, “What do you call the
long sandwich that contains cold cuts, lettuce, and so on?”, etc.
Via [...]

Trust Voice

David Weinberger writes:
The opposite of a machine is voice.
The opposite of information is trust.