Burning Platform or Compelling Opportunity?

From Whoosh: Business in the Fast Lane,Tom McGehee on what makes a company suck or rock:

Compliance Companies Creation Companies
Policy driven Principle driven
Rule based Relationship based
Conducts training

Allows for structured and unstructured learning

Forced organization Self-organizing
Reactive Proactive
Good of organization over good of individual Good of organization through good of individuals
Measures activity Measures outcome
Ordered Chaotic
Closed system Open system
Patterned Emergent
Internal focus External focus
Risk avoidance Opportunity creation
Confuses models with reality Understands modeling
Tries to re-create past success Tries to create new successes
Methodology based Model based
Expert’s mind Beginner’s mind
Tolerates diversity Thrives on diversity
Seeks equilibrium Seeks progress
Deficit focused Positive focused
Creates burning platforms Creates compelling opportunities

Application to national governments or revolutionary organizations is left as an exercise for the reader.