Monthly Archives: November 2002

Comparing Antivirus Software

I practice careful system administration of our Windows computers instead of relying on anti-virus software, but as the subject came up recently in a mailing list, I collected a few comparative reviews of anti-virus software:

PC World Protect Your PC, July 2002
PC Magazine Personal Antivirus Software, June 2002
CNET Antivirus Software Reviews Top 5 Antivirus Software for [...]

No-nonsense Browser

Charles pointed out Phoenix to me, a Mozilla branch that’s supposed to be a “lean and fast browser that doesn’t skimp on features”. Looks pretty nice.

Fight War to Prevent War

A new White Rose Society posts an audio segment from Mike Malloy’s “Resistance Radio”, comparing Carl Rove’s speeches for George W. Bush to George Orwell’s 1984: If the link on that page doesn’t work, you can try a direct link: (2Mb, 17 min).
Bush, of course, has been speaking in 1984 for a [...]

The People's Medium

Recommended by Jeff Ubois: Jeff Jarvis’ notes on the Yale Revenge of the Blog conference. Some interesting stuff on why blogs are important.

Burning Platform or Compelling Opportunity?

From Whoosh: Business in the Fast Lane,Tom McGehee on what makes a company suck or rock:

Compliance Companies
Creation Companies

Policy driven
Principle driven

Rule based
Relationship based

Conducts training

Allows for structured and unstructured learning

Forced organization


Good of organization over good of individual
Good of organization through good of individuals

Measures activity
Measures outcome


Closed system
Open system


Internal focus
External focus

Risk avoidance
Opportunity creation

Confuses models with reality
Understands modeling

Tries to re-create [...]

Google Is Not A Search Engine

Google is an interface to the structure of the web.
Google orders its results based on the structure of the web, which is generated as people create titles and links that help make their little locality of the web make sense. Google does the smart thing, and leverages that human intelligence to help its users [...]

Smart Mobs on the WELL

The WELL’s Inkwell.vue is hosting a two-week discussion with Howard Rheingold about Smart Mobs.
Click the “see all responses” link to start at the beginning; non-members can email questions and conversational contributions to the Inkwell.vue hosts.

Low-Grade War

The US and Britain have been attacking Iraqi installations after Iraqi air defenses fire on US and British aircraft patrolling “no-fly” zones over Iraq. Iraq says civilian installations have been hit; the US and Britain say only military installations have been attacked.
The no-fly zones were created for “humanitarian” reasons by the US, Britan and [...]

Voice Over IP!

Received my Vonage VOIP adapter today and have spent about 2 hours on various phone calls so far, including 15 minutes with David Isenberg, who’s in Tokyo right now.. :)
Works great so far — I’m very pleased. I’ll post more reactions in a few days, after I’ve used it more.

Web, code, and Talmud

Adina writes about similarities between the Talmud and hypertext and blogs: “It’s not that the Rabbis didn’t know how to write neat, logical, linear exposition. The classic rabbinic period was contemporaneous with the Hellenized civilization of the ancient world; they had the models of Greek thinking all around them, and they borrowed when it suited [...]