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“Secure Beneath The Watchful Eyes”

This official London Transport “Secure Beneath The Watchful Eyes” poster handily beats the USPTO’s Homeland Security eye/keyhole graphic for spine-tingling effect.
(Also see: separate Secure Beneath The Watchful Eyes poster photos.)

100,000 March in San Francisco. Media Fail to Notice.

In his Pox Americana rant, John Perry Barlow called for readers to join the anti-war demonstration this weekend. Here’s what happened in San Francisco (via nettime):
From: “John Perry Barlow” <>
100, 000 March in San Francisco. Media Fail to Notice.
So I went down to the demonstration yesterday. Instead of getting my fair share of abuse [...]

Network Economy and the “Paradox” of Commodity

I’ve got friends with a paradox: the best network is simple and undifferentiated — a commodity. But technology companies are used to making money by selling a differentiated product. How can they make money selling a commodity?
I’ll make the argument here that the “paradox” is just the difference between scarcity economics and network [...]

Face It!

Here’s a fun toy: Eric Meyer’s face combiner.
There are twenty faces of various types; you pick the top of one and the bottom of another to create a new face. The effect is eerie, and works better than you’d imagine.

Happy Birthday, PATRIOT

The “Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required To Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism” (USA PATRIOT) Act of 2001 was signed into law by President (as adjudicated) Bush one year ago today.
The law has its good and bad provisions, and it also has some scary parts which nullify parts of the Bill of Rights. [...]

“I’m not sure which planet they live on”

Here’s another interesting article, with the views of Anthony Zinni, who AFAIK never wrote lyrics for the Grateful Dead.
It includes some great wisdom on when and how to use military force and how to judge its success.
Hawks in the Bush administration may be making deadly miscalculations on Iraq, says Gen. Anthony Zinni, Bush’s Middle East [...]

Subversion, Distraction, Simplicity, Marketecture, Prestige

Had dinner in Berkeley Thursday evening with friends: Clay Shirky, Jerry Michalski, Ken Scott, Jeff Ubois, me, Ben Gross, Adrian Scott, Alan Braverman, and Dave Jeske.

Topics included wikis, WebDAV, Subversion, Bruce Sterling’s Distraction, iCal, the lack of decent simple software (drawing software as easy to use as a pen and paper, for instance), a wish [...]

Bush Says So

The important issue isn’t whether or not we should go to war with Iraq. It’s what happened to our democratic decision process and why it has degenerated into “Bush says so.”
There are some big questions on my mind:

How can our economy recover from recession?

How can we keep America and ourselves safe from [...]

Pox Americana

John Perry Barlow: The American Republic is Dead. Hail the American Empire. Or Else.

Making The Windows Experience A Little More Sane

Ever feel your Windows computer getting junky with temporary files, trialware installations, and who knows what else that makes it act weird?
I used to hate that feeling, but now, I can just reboot and throw all that junk away, because my Windows computer is running on virtual hardware, created by a program called VMware.
VMware runs [...]