Monthly Archives: August 2002

Networked intelligence

The main cover story in the September issue of Fast Company, “Size Is Not A Strategy,” covers a couple of things Andrius and I have been exploring about the “new” information-enabled economy, or post-capitalism/post-industrialism, or whatever you want to call it. Some quotes:
What’s the best way to create a giant organization that’s capable of [...]

Housing Crunch in Silicon Valley

Median home price in Santa Clara County in May 2002 was $461,000 (DataQuick).
The San Jose Mercury News recently ran a series of articles about the lack of affordable housing in the San Francisco Bay Area, explaining how 30 years of anti-tax and anti-growth policies have got us here. A couple of statistics that struck [...]


Celebrity death match at Salon, John Gilmore vs. Esther Dyson.
Scrap ICANN, or try to fix it on the fly? Gilmore throws some interesting and stinky dirt, and invokes the ghost of Jon Postel; Dyson speaks with the voice of reason in a storm of irrationality and broken dreams.

Bruce Sterling: A Contrarian View of Open Source

A good rant makes you think. It needs to sound true, strike resonant chords, and hang together with at least internal logical consistency. Whether or not it’s really true is a different matter — that’s the job of other kinds of speech, not rants.
Bruce Sterling made a great rant recently at the O’Reilly Open [...]