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BookCrossing: Another kind of book swap. You tag one of your books with a URL and a unique ID, then “set it free” by leaving it where a stranger will find it. Hopefully the finder logs onto BookCrossing to make a journal entry, then sets the book free again.
Here’s a good article about [...]

My standard “So you’ve got Klez…” letter

Having Klez hit a couple mailing lists I’m on, I compiled some useful links into this message:
A pox on the Klez author(s).
I’d like to also thank Microsoft and its monopoly position for generating the lax security procedures and resultant execution environment that Klez exploits.
For folks who haven’t updated Internet Explorer in a while and whose [...]

Sed-CD: Microchip-based CD Copy Protection

Antonio Ibáñez de Alba, a Spanish scientist, has announced a new compact disc anti-piracy system, reports EFE in today’s El Mundo.
The inventor patented the “Sed-CD” system three years ago in Madrid. Sed-CD works by using two microchips, one contained in the CD player, and another glued onto or embedded in the surface of the [...]


Or as Garry Trudeau writes this week in Doonesbury, “What amazing energy-saving device — cheap, low-tech, easy to install — is banned by nearly all of California’s 35,000 homeowners associations?”
Monday: My God… what’re they doing?
Tuesday: Sir! Step away from the laundry!
Wednesday: Sorry, sir, but outdoor drying is associated with poverty!
Thursday: You’re joking.
Friday: Then keep your [...]

More on “broadband”

Some additional back-story on “broadband.” First, the October 2001 OECD report which showed South Korea way ahead of everybody else in per-capita broadband deployment. (Second is Canada, followed by Sweden [if you count fixed wireless] and the US, then everybody else.)
Second, a good article by Australian David Walker, wondering what the fuss is [...]

President Bush on Broadband Internet

Excerpted from President Bush’s remarks at the 21st Century High Tech Forum, June 13, 2002:

“This country must be aggressive about the expansion of broadband.”

“[The Internet] ought to be a tax-free environment in order to encourage use.”

“[The FCC] is focusing on policies that will bring high-speed Internet service, will create competition, will keep [...]

Unintended Consequences: Three Years Under the DMCA

The “anti-circumvention” provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act have been used to stifle a wide array of legitimate activities, rather than to stop copyright piracy, as they were intended. As a result, in the United States the DMCA has chilled free expression and scientific research, jeopardized “fair use” of copyrighted materials, and impeded [...]