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DNS Re-registration: A Case Study

Ben Edelman documents a case of 4,000+ domain names that redirect to “Tina’s Free Live Cam.” Many of them are documented by the Internet Archive, Yahoo or pages found by Google as having had content with completely different context, but had been re-registered upon DNS expiration to point to the webcam site.
Edelman doesn’t think [...]

“World’s Smallest Digital Camera”

… is currently the Che-ez! Spyz!. Sold in the US by Dynamism.
350,000 pixels, 60 x 38.6 x 15 mm.

Laptop, Phone Home!

Here are some software products that live on your computer and try to phone/net their location to a monitoring service if the computer is stolen:
ComputracePlus (for enterprises)
On travelling computers, I generally keep my corporate/private data on an encrypted volume — a virtual hard drive contained within a single password-protected file on the computer. It’s [...]


Cory Doctorow says Verisign should die because Network Solutions sucks so bad.

Hotel Rating Systems

There are various hotel rating systems around the world including stars, diamonds, and the “Deluxe / First Class / Tourist / etc.” label system of the Official Hotel Guide.
In the US, the Mobil Travel Guide’s star system is one of the more well-known systems. For their 2002 guide, Mobil made 39 five-star awards.
There are [...]

Arab and Muslim/non-Arabs’ feelings about Americans

John Zogby, president and CEO of the polling firm Zogby International, and James Zogby, founder and president of the Arab American Institute, have published a new 10-country poll that tracks how adults in Arab and Muslim/non-Arab countries feel about American people and culture.
The Christian Science Monitor interviewed the Zogbys about the results of the [...]

An Addiction To Memory

In an essay titled “An Addiction To Memory [and the desire to annihilate images],” Tom Sherman, associate professor at Syracuse University, compares “recombinant video” to music and DNA and describes digital non-linear video editing as “an image buzz-saw, the electronic equivalent of a sausage grinder, or an electric vegetable chopper or juicer.”
He goes on [...]

Power Steer: How The Beef Gets Made

Michael Pollan follows the life of a cow from conception to steak, illuminating the trade-offs made in the name of industrial efficiency. At the New York Times (registration required); via Gen.

Indie coverage from both Palestinian and Israeli perspectives

And from Jason Kottke:
In addition to the links to news sources Peter sent along, there are also weblogs and other independent media outlets covering the situation from both Palestinian and Israeli perspectives:

Arabic and Jewish News Links

One of the things that I treasure about the Internet is the ability to teleport to another part of the world to read what’s going on, from the viewpoint there.
I wish the circumstances weren’t so absolutely tragic, but here are some links to English-language Arabic and Jewish news sources I collected, chosen for timeliness and/or [...]