Monthly Archives: March 2002

Your Favorite TLA Is Taken (along with 47,933 others)

Being careful not to load the whois servers too much, I recently did a search through all 47,952 3-letter .com domain names, and these are the ones that aren’t registered at all:
A few more were registered at one time but are apparently currently available: [...]

The “Death of the Programmable Computer” Act

Here are some links about the Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act I’ve collected. The first is a Declan McCullagh column that received wide weblog coverage, in which among other things he publishes a soon-to-be-felonious digital duplication program in its entirety:
Please visit the second and particularly the third links, wherein [...]

Socrates Cafe

Christopher Phillips travels, creates philosophy get-togethers, and wrote about it: “Socrates Cafe: A Fresh Look at Philosophy.” See Find the deeper meaning at ‘Socrates Cafe’ – Christian Science Monitor and Christopher Phillips – Booksense.

Linus Pauling’s Research Notebooks

Oregon State University has put Linus Pauling’s research notebooks online.
A testament to the remarkable length and diversity of Dr. Pauling’s career, the Pauling Papers holdings include forty-six research notebooks spanning the years of 1922 to 1994 and covering any number of the scientific fields in which Dr. Pauling involved himself. In this regard, the notebooks [...]

Hatred Destroys, Love Builds

In the Memphis Commercial Appeal, David Waters asks, “What if leaders of the world’s major religions got together one day and denounced all religious violence – and no one cared?”
He’s referring to the Day of Prayer for Peace in the World, with an impressive list of participants, and their proclamation of peace, The Decalogue of [...]

Dysfunctional Media Symbiosis

Andy Oram, in Stop the Copying, Start a Media Revolution: It’s natural that people currently try to turn the Internet into a jukebox or radio station, because those delivery mechanisms (and the standard musical fare they deliver) are familiar ones. Little has been done on the Internet to pull people away from traditional music, images, [...]