Monthly Archives: February 2002

Solar Infrastructure via Revenue Bonds

The Vote Solar Initiative exists to help you and your local government promote clean air, fight global warming, and increase America’s energy independence.
It can be done. In November 2001, San Francisco voters approved a $100 million revenue bond for renewable energy and energy efficiency that pays for itself from the savings and costs taxpayers nothing. [...]

Freedom Network Source Code Released

The source code for Zero Knowledge Systems Freedom Network servers was released (”leaked”) last week at CodeCon 2002.
The Freedom Network was a commercial anonymized, encrypted web browsing and email service, utilizing multi-server “telescoping” encrypted sessions to provide very robust privacy over the web. The service was discontinued by ZKS in October 2001 due to [...]

Segway FIRST Edition Auction

Amazon is auctioning off three Segway HTs, with the proceeds going to Dean Kamen’s FIRST nonprofit. A little over a hundred bids each right now and they’re up to $36-42K.

Synchronized Operations Command Complex

William Safire worries that we will sacrifice our freedom to be unwatched in the nation’s capital, in order to gain a little security:
Personal security may or may not be enhanced by this all-seeing eye and ear, but personal freedom will surely be sharply curtailed. To be watched at all times, especially when doing nothing seriously [...]

news: FCC approves use of ultrawideband technology

I first heard about ultrawideband from Dewayne Hendricks of Dandin Group. UWB is a sort of low-power super-spread spectrum technology that can achieve higher bitrates over longer distances with lower power than other radio technologies.
I think it’s good news that the US FCC is taking the first step toward ultrawideband acceptance.
Excerpts: “The Federal Communications [...]

The Desktop Is Obsolete

John points out “an interview with David Gelernter in the Jan/Feb ‘02 American Spectator. He says desktops are obsolete.”
Of course — would you really want to use a 30-year old interface paradigm invented by a printed paper duplication company to handle all your information management needs?
Gelernter’s right about the problems with the paradigm, but [...]

A Few Pictures

… from around town. Stanford, including the Bill Gates Building; and a Siebel building with a big US flag.

A New Dark Ages

Judi Clark asked, in part, “What’s wrong with a fully proprietarized network from end to end?”
Larry Lessig wrote a nice book about this, The Future of Ideas.
The failure mode is the death of innovation. “A new Dark Ages, in which our capacity to create is confined by an architecture of control and a society [...]

Census Data Show America is Online

New Census data shows that as of September 2001, 143 million Americans, or about 54 percent of the population, were using the Internet, and new users were adopting the technology at a rate of better than two million per month.
Children and teenagers are leading the way. Ninety percent (or 47.4 million) of children between the [...]

ZigZag FacetMap TouchGraph

Peter Merholz points out Trav’s FacetMap, a nifty user interface for presenting [information nodes ("resources") in a faceted classification] in a hierarchy.
I think this ends up being similar to Ted Nelson’s ZigZag, with facets==ranks and resources==cells. Trav adds what he calls “taxonomy,” which I think are your close neighbors in each of two ZigZag [...]