Monthly Archives: January 2002

VX2: Advertising Spyware

My son advises me to stay clear of Audio Galaxy and its spyware payload, VX2 (aka Transponder / RespondMiter / AADCOM / NetPal).
Or at least make it report that I’m really surfing from “”. :)
More on VX2:,1282,49960,00.html

Back from New York, with pictures to prove it!

I’ve posted some of the digital photos I took on my trip to New York. Usually I like to tweak images (rotate, crop, adjust brightness/contrast, etc.) before publishing them, but I wanted to get these up, so I skipped it this time. These are straight from the camera, reduced for the web from [...]

New York, New York!

I’m spending a week in New York, starting in the city itself. So far the highlights have been the viewing platform at Ground Zero (and the process of getting the free tickets at South Street Seaport), buying fresh apples and apple juice at Broadway and Bowling Green, the Smithsonian Institute’s National Museum of the [...]

Where’s George?

… The Great American Dollar Bill Locator:
Do you ever wonder where that paper money in your pocket has been,
or where it will go next? This is the place to find out.
All you need to do is enter the denomination, series, and serial number of
any US dollar bill, and your current USA ZIP or Canadian Post [...]

Business Process Modeling with Object Technology

I’ve posted an outline and pretty good resource list for Business Process Modeling with Object Technology over on my wiki.

A friend asked me, “What is .NET?”

My answer: Microsoft’s latest proprietary standard comprehensive programming framework.
As Microsoft puts it, “Microsoft .NET is an XML Web services platform that will enable developers to create programs that transcend device boundaries and fully harness the connectivity of the Internet.”
Or, “After more than a year of hard work, ECMA has finished the standardization of the common [...]


Design Your Own O’Reilly Book Cover!, a parody by Jay Link. Via Rich Thompson.