Monthly Archives: December 2001

AT&T Loading Slowly…

AT&T left voicemail on Tuesday that the service was back in my area, and that I just had to power-cycle my modem and computer to get connected. It seems it’s not actually that easy…

Excite-ing — NOT!

I found a neat little gadget at Fry’s, though — a replacement for my Linksys broadband router/firewall. Not that I don’t love the Linksys; it’s just not very useful with the cable dead.
The new one, an SMC SMC7004ABR, ca. $90, does pretty much the same thing, except it has a modem port, as well [...]

Excite@Home 404

Ah, well. Looks like we’re pawns in the world of high-finance media deals. Apparently thanks to Excite@Home (who deny it), our AT&T cable Internet connection died around 6am PST this morning. AT&T expects to have our part of the world back online with a different provider within 4 days, and is giving [...]