Monthly Archives: December 2001

Heavy 2

Dr. Snow has a company “dedicated to reducing osteoporotic fractures through research-based exercise programs.” They sell vests, too.

Personal Digital Archives

This is going to sound a little weird, but with the increasing size and falling costs of hard drives, my current personal digital archive strategy is to just keep my long-term archives (photos, documents, etc.) on at least two hard drives right in a computer, instead of burning CD-Recordables.


A friend points out that Reebok is selling an Ironwear Vest for $80.
Weighted vests have been shown to be useful in a long-term exercise program that “was as good or better than either estrogen or Fosamax for preventing bone loss” in post-menopausal women.

Broadband again, finally

… only three weeks later. The city network was back up in four days, like they said, but the cable modem that worked with @Home didn’t work on the new ATTBI network.

The Spirit of 2001

2001 Google Zeitgeist — the year in review, Google-style.

What Is The Network Economy?

I’m working with Andrius Kulikauskas of Minciu Sodas on finding the right set of business intuitions and rules for the “Network Economy.” (Kevin Kelly’s New Rules for the New Economy is an excellent introduction to the New Economy, and how it makes sense.)
I wrote the following for a discussion on the Minciu Sodas group [...]

Is it live, or is it Memorex – is he, or isn’t he, part III

AP reports that American forces have detected Osama bin Laden giving orders over short-range radio in the Tora Bora area. While I have no real information to go on, I’d put the odds at about 50:50 that what they heard was a dedicated brother playing a tape for the radio, and not bin Laden [...]

Geopolitical Analysis Internet Routing Entities (BGP ASes)

The worldwide distribution of Internet resources and address space is highly non- uniform. We present an analysis comparing five demographic measures against three measures of Internet resources, stratified by continent with substratification by country. We found that two continents and one country consume a much larger share of Internet resource allocation than predicted by their [...]

“We are unable to answer your call”

Buoyed by reports of the same problems I’m having and success with replacing the modems (threads here and here), I bought a new RCA DCM245R cable modem and tried it. It seems to sync properly and the “cable” light lights up. My computer can DHCP and get an IP, nameservers that ping, etc.
The [...]

Fry’s Dives In

Speaking of Fry’s, they’ve finally cross-branded as their online shopping site. The Fry’s name and logo is on Outpost, and they’re advertising Outpost in their weekly newspaper flyer.