“Politically liberal, not very religious, Jewish males of European heritage”

Securities/entertainment attorney John W. Cones has a captivating rant about bias in the Hollywood film industry, which of course exerts a powerful cultural influence within the US and around the world. He says 90 years of “unfair, unethical, unconscionable, anti-competitive, predatory and illegal” business practices have maintained a very narrow cultural makeup within the small group of executives who decide which films are made, and which aren’t. This group’s “shared background could most accurately be described as politically liberal, not very religious, Jewish males of European heritage.”

Acting through normal human bias, Cones says, without necessarily “any particular connection to the Jewish part of the multi-faceted backgrounds of these studio executives,” they have “consistently portrayed in Hollywood films [a number of population groups] in a negative or stereotypical manner. Those groups included Arabs and Arab-Americans, Muslims, Christians, Latinos, Asians and Asian-Americans, Italian Americans and Whites from the American South.”

Cones has extensive additional background information available.