Monthly Archives: October 2001

Don’t Over-condense Your Interface

From User Interface Engineering (via ia & xBlog): “Designers use interactive design elements, such as fly outs, rollovers, and dropdowns, to conserve space, make the screen less cluttered, and enhance the users’ experience. We were surprised when users succeeded more often when they didn’t encounter these design elements than when they did…. We found [...]

Human Networking: “Altruism”

The cool thing about human networks is that you gain most from helping others gain.

More istori/log technical details: table-less cross-platform CSS2

istori/log uses table-less cross-platform CSS2 (although I did include the standard Greymatter calendar, implemented as a table). Structural tags, such as headings, are chosen from the appropriate simple, standard HTML elements, so that browsers that don’t handle CSS graciously fall back to plain HTML layout.
CSS provides a very powerful, easy way to format and [...]

Breathtaking opportunities disguised as insoluble problems…

John Gardner has had an incredible career building community into the fabric of American life. Watching a very good documentary about his life on PBS (PBS is one of his babies, by the way), particularly around the time of great, overt racial unrest in the US in the 60’s, was really interesting in the [...]

Arabic web pages in English?

Want to read Al Jazeera but your Arabic is rusty?, a Middle Eastern Internet portal, offers a free online ArabicEnglish translation service.
I would judge it to do very well with a difficult task, but I also have to admit the machine translation comes out a little rough. Still, it’s good enough to [...]

Political BS

Steven Clift offers the Political Big Site, a “stable and maintained” jump page with “quickest links to government, news media, and discussion resources.”

Trade, growth and human dignity

In China, President Bush said, “And this week in these halls, we return to the steady work of building the market-based economic system that has brought more prosperity more quickly to more people than at any time in human history. We know a future of greater trade and growth and human dignity is possible — [...]

“For the Arab world, modernity has been one failure after another.”

I highly recommend these short articles from Newsweek, 10/15, for background on the current Arab-Muslim predicament. They cover the last forty years or so, from the time of Gamal Abdel Nasser and hopeful anticipation of modernism and globalism, to now.
The Roots of Rage – Tracing the origins of Islamic fundamentalism and the causes of [...]


(I wrote this a few days ago in response to a message about Bush’s “us vs. them” talk and the confusion “normal good Muslims” must feel.)
A crazy revolutionary named bin Laden is the one trying to drag Islam into war. I think his main goal is not glorification of Islam at all, but the [...]

Local girl does good

Growing up in Surrey, England, Ashley wanted to be a stewardess.
Instead, she became a US Navy Top Gun pilot, and now she flies F-14 Tomcats and drops bombs as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.